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At F+E, we excel in turning your architectural dreams into stunning realities. Our specialization lies in crafting modern and contemporary designs that leave a lasting impression. Whether you're a homeowner with a vision, a business looking to redefine its space, or a developer seeking innovative solutions, our team is here to partner with you.

mid century modern interior of the house kitchen and living room
modern fireplace design in a coastal modern home in little forest hills with a wood bookcase display
modern multifamily townhomes close to the airport
interior of a modern kitchen with gold accents
multifamily modern townhomes close to lovefield airport
A Modern, butterfly slope roof above the backyard, sideyard of the coastal home
mid century modern elevation of the home in little forest hills

As a testament to our commitment, we offer a complimentary consultation to kickstart our creative journey together.

Let's create something extraordinary, together.

Coastal modern living room and kitchen in little forest hills

Our approach is meticulous. We believe that the beauty is in the details, and every element is carefully considered within the broader design concept. From the sleek lines to the functionality of the space, we leave no stone unturned.

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