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At F+E, we approach every project as a canvas for crafting beautiful solutions. As passionate creatives, we thrive on the challenges, ideas, and innovative solutions that each endeavor brings. We're eager to connect with you to explore how we can fulfill your architecture and interior design needs.

Our comprehensive range of services include:

Site Selection Study

We'll help you choose the perfect location for your project, considering all the important factors.

Custom Home Design

Your dream home deserves a one-of-a-kind design that reflects your unique vision and lifestyle.

Multi-family Townhomes

Crafting elegant and functional living spaces that harmonize with the community.

Kitchen | Bathroom Design

Transform your culinary and bathing spaces into stylish, functional, and comfortable areas.

Remodel | Renovation

Breathe new life into existing spaces with our expert renovation services.

Home Additions

Seamlessly expand your living area while maintaining the architectural integrity of your home.

Outdoor Patio Designs

Create inviting outdoor spaces for relaxation and entertainment.

Commercial & Retail Design

Enhance your business environment with innovative and appealing design solutions.

Office Layout & Design

Boost productivity and aesthetics with our office design expertise.

Explore the possibilities with F+E. Let's turn your ideas into exceptional designs that exceed your expectations.

We bought a home designed by Farheen and we absolutely LOVE the attention to detail…the square footage is in all the right places and so much thought went into making these floor plans livable and efficient… 
Really brilliant design..!”

Cassie Brown

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