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But Farheen, what does an architect do?

The world of architecture is a fascinating journey from imagination to reality. Behind every stunning structure, there lies a meticulously planned process that an architect follows to bring their vision to life. In this blog series, we'll take you through the various stages of the architectural process, from the initial spark of creativity to the final construction of a building.

Part I | Pre-Design

Full disclosure, there is a pre-pre-design phase where all we do is listen. This is perhaps the most critical phase of the design process and is formally titled programming. It's like the beginning of a long relationship where the architect listens intently to the client's needs and tries NOT to suggest any solutions - as creatives and problem solvers this is extremely difficult. We observe & absorb. During this phase, we become information sponges, soaking up every detail our clients share. It's here that we often discover key concepts, and interestingly, what the client might initially see as a problem can reveal itself as a unique opportunity.

1. Conceptualization: The Birth of an Idea The architectural journey begins with a spark of inspiration. Architects often draw from their experiences, the environment, client needs, and artistic influences to conceptualize a design. During this phase, they create rough sketches, brainstorm ideas, and explore different architectural styles that could be suitable for the project.

2. Preliminary Design: Turning Ideas into Concepts Once the initial concepts take shape, architects refine their ideas into preliminary designs. This stage involves creating more detailed drawings, considering the practical aspects of the design, and exploring potential materials and structural systems. It's a critical step where architects balance aesthetics with functionality.


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