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Farheen, how much does an architect charge? #ArchitectFee

When you embark on a project, one of the first questions that comes up is, "What will it cost?". Architectural fees can vary, but they are primarily determined by the scope and complexity of the project.

At F+E Design Architects, we believe in transparency and fair pricing. Here's a breakdown of what you can anticipate regarding architectural fees for renovation, addition, and custom home projects, along with the option of hourly rates for smaller tasks.

Custom Home Projects: Designing and overseeing a custom home build is a comprehensive process. Architectural fees for custom homes typically range from a price per square foot (typically $5 - $15, depending on the desired involvement) or a percentage of the project's construction cost (typically 5% to 15%). The customization, unique features, and site challenges can impact the fee.

Renovation and Addition Projects: Renovations and house additions typically share a fee structure, of an hourly rate (typically $150 - $250 per hour) or a percentage of the project's construction cost (typically 4% to 15%). This sets the project's foundation, ensuring aesthetics and functionality while complying with regulations.

Hourly Rate for Smaller Tasks: For minor architectural tasks like consultations or design adjustments, an hourly rate (ranging from $125 to $250 per hour) can be a practical choice. Hourly rates typically vary based on the architect's experience and location.

In the grand scheme of creating your ideal living space, an architect's fee is a small cost that promises significant and enduring rewards.

So, when you ask, "How much does an architect charge?" F+E tailors our fee to the client's budget and scope. So, the best way to go about finding out is to simply ask.

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